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Acorn Carp Fishery officially opened June 2001.

The carp lake is approximately 3.5 acres...

There are some 400 Carp currently in our lake and after our major improvements in March 2019 the lake has improved greatly. The fish range from approx 15lb to 34lb in weight and over 100 of them are mid to upper 20's

The lake is usually netted each year and all the small carp are collected and stocked into the smaller stock pond...

Image: large carp

Mark Bartlett and Adrian Bartlett. April 2006.
Father and son,netting out Carp under 10lbs,and also last years fry.

Image: large carp

3 bigger Carp returned to the speciman lake after netting one corner!

Mark Bartlett in is eliment either around or in the water holding Carp..

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